Embodiment Facilitator Training


Susie Heath’s Embodiment Coaching Academy©

Commencing September 2023

Journey to Wholeness

This 12-month programme is for if you are:

A Coach, Trainer, Therapist, Leader in an organisation or a charity, health practitioner or someone who just knows deep in your bones that this is something you want to do.


Someone who wants to expand your capacity in your business and stand head and shoulders above others.


Someone who is excited, curious, passionate about making a difference for yourself and other people through life-enhancing movement and the innate wisdom of the body.

Embodiment is more than dance, movement and exercises. As a personal and professional development tool, it is invaluable to men and women at all levels of society and much needed at this time, particularly after the intense challenges of the last three years. It’s time to recover our humanity, our instincts and our wholeness - to create order out of chaos.

With Embodiment Facilitation as an additional skill, you could enhance your business, help transform individuals at a deeper level, expand your client base to facilitating groups in your field of work, add coherence, interest and transformation for the people in your chosen niche, adding value to corporate events, and so much more. This could be the difference that makes the difference!

“This journey is about falling in love with your Self - with who you are at  your core - not from a place of arrogance but with genuine awe and wonder, and bringing that to the world to share. And when you do, it becomes not about you but about the message you bring. if you are full of fear, or lack of worth or confidence, then you come from that place and it shows. When you get out of the way - because it is about bringing your gifts, your life experience, your uniqueness - that is when you shine in all  your glory, fully embodied with all your flaws and imperfections. Then people can more readily relate to you and want more of what you have to offer.

You don’t have to be confident to do this - confidence comes by the DOING of it and by learning the very special skills involved alongside a profound understanding.”

The Development of Susie Heath’s Embodiment Coaching.

Over the last 27 years Susie has invested tens of thousands of pounds in developing her unique Embodiment Coaching process for leaders. For those of you who have experienced her work with One of Many, both in person and on-line, or on a more intimate personal level, you will know how it can affect every part of your being.

Feedback from the recent One Woman Conference attendees - not to impress you but to impress upon you the value and necessity for this type of work. For many of these women, it was their first time:

Susie – Wow! Bonkers and totally out of my comfort zone but I loved it!

I have shed an old version of me that was not needed any more

Best part – the energy & movement stuff - embodiment exercises, I hated the idea, but it made it unique and different from other events

Makes you feel like your body is your greatest treasure – which it is!

I really enjoyed and took a lot from the dance/movement workshop

Wonderful – absolutely loved the evening session – very emotional

Beautiful, genuine, authentic, inspiring - Life changing

My favourite part was Susie’s session. Had some great insights going through the embodiment work with powertypes too

Awe-inspiring  - connected so deeply and found it very profound

The kind of order we all need in our lives – soft power, wisdom, and sensuality

The joy of embodied movement is just wonderful

Loved the transformative exercises to tap into the powertypes

Loved Susie’s embodiment - Insightful and powerful too

First intro to embodiment – amazing!

Her embodiment is so profound - it sends shivers to my spine

Made me excited about Lover energy and being in my 70’s

Thank you for opening my lover understanding and for the workshop


Best part – movement workshop – taking me out of my comfort zone

OMG, her mother/lover energy is incredible. Seeing the dragons flying in the evening session was incredible and so profound!

You too could get feedback like this once you have been trained in this system!

Susie began to explore the world of dance therapy with Rolando Toro Araneda from South America in the late 90’s and spent many years training as a Biodanza™ facilitator in many countries around the world with different teachers. Biodanza™ is a system of self-development utilising music, movement, and positive feelings to deepen self-awareness. Knowing she wanted to work outside the ‘alternative therapy’ scene and work more with leaders and change-makers, she embarked on extensive research into a variety of movement and psychology techniques that would, eventually, evolve into her unique recipe which she is now choosing to share in this Embodiment Academy programme.

These included: NIA , 5 Rhythms, Psychodynamics, Shakti Dance, Chakra Dance, and even Belly Dancing alongside recognised psychological techniques such as Scientific and Medical Hypnotherapy, Educo Mind Mastery, Access Consciousness, Tony Robbins Life Mastery program, The Academy of Arts, Musical Theatre and many business leadership and relationship coaching programs.  

The intention of the Embodiment Coaching Academy© is to train you to become a successful Embodiment Facilitator, with the tools, skills, and confidence to run your own Embodiment sessions in small groups in person and on-line and to carry on Susie’s dream of taking this Embodiment work further into the world.

Because of the very personal nature of this training, candidates are strictly limited to a number that can receive Susie’s full attention and, it must be stressed, this programme is unlikely to be run again. Unlike many training programmes that are running on an ongoing basis, this is truly a ‘ONE-OFF’ in this particular format.

What the 12-month Programme Entails:

Specially designed portal for you to sign into

Everything will be recorded for you to access at any time

Eight months of 2-day online trainings diving into your own transformational process, interspersed each quarter with a live retreat.

Monthly training on how to facilitate beginner’s classes and their progression  

Introducing embodiment exercises for individual clients if you choose

Training videos and course notes

Recommended book of the month


‘On the Sofa with Susie’ - on-line co-working day each month with the opportunity of 15 minutes 1-1 coaching with Susie on a topic of your choice

A deep dive into exploring the power types

3 online dance workshops per month

Specialised training for your particular audience

An exploration of the power of music, what to choose and how to use it

How to run classes online (a different skill needed for this!)

Personal supervision of your 'teaching practice’

Understanding of how to market to your particular audience

Access to more than 200 of Susie’s lesson plans / recommended music

Certified by Susie Heath

License for 1 year – after which you will be invited back for a refresh weekend

Final graduation dinner and celebration

What will be required from you:

Attendance at each weekend where possible  or catching up with the recordings

Feedback of your learnings answering a questionnaire

Short monthly journal of what has changed as a result of the weekend and classes

Short video clips of you doing the ‘exercises’ as if you are teaching them

There will be four in person Friday and Saturday sessions every 3rd month to be held in Monmouthshire, South Wales with the added bonus of Jen le Marinel and Jen Godard.

These two-day sessions are included in the cost of the programme and include delicious nourishing healthy lunches and refreshments during the day. (Accommodation locally at an AirBnB or local campsite or hotel, breakfast and evening meal is at your cost)

Come and join Susie in the Embodiment Coaching Academy and become a qualified Embodiment Facilitator in 2023!

“Encoded within every tissue of the body is the ability to regenerate, to change, to grow, to adapt, to learn new things, to tap into the pharmacy of our miraculous bodies, into our ancestral wisdom and our DNA to bring you a life where there is more joy, more vitality, more connection, more deliciousness, more appreciation and more creativity, more beauty and ecstasy where possibilities exist that  hadn’t been on your radar before. And it’s not about thinking.

The body is like a satellite navigation tool - when we give ourselves permission to come out of our constant thinking and instead connect with that inner wisdom, to feel a sense of wholeness instead of judging ourselves all the time, we can start to bring into our lives more of what we truly desire.

And when you teach others to do the same,  their lives open up in unimaginable ways. This is about fanning the life-force flame that lives within each and every one of us and encouraging it to burn even more brightly.” Susie Heath

Your Investment

Your investment includes all tuition at the four live Friday and Saturday sessions, the eight online sessions, all class notes, , morning and afternoon teas, delicious healthy lunches, deep transformation, access to our closed Facebook support group, amazing transformation for your clients, a business boosting addition to your coaching practice and lots of fun being together in a nourishing container of the group!

And as an extra special bonus to say thank you for paying in full, you will also receive a half-day group coaching session with Susie and the wonderful Sharon Strickland-Clarke.

Remember included is a full video library of content and classes from each of the twelve months of the programme for you to review and study in your own time.

As a special bonus you will also receive the 200+ lesson plans and suggested music tracks to allow you to begin marketing and facilitating from day one of your certification. Each one of the lessons has taken Susie some hours to prepare for the correct mix of music and dance to achieve a specific objective.

This 12-month professional training programme is being personally taught and supervised by Susie and her team, and represents huge value based on her individual training rate! With limited availability you’ll need to act now to secure your place. Don’t miss out!

To enquire on investment and conditions please email ECA@susieheath.co.uk

Dates for the live and on-line programmes for 2023 /24 are to be confirmed but are as follows

September 8th - 9th

October 6th - 7th

November 10th - 11th

Live Event

December 1st - 2nd

January 12th - 13th

February 9th - 10th

Live Event

March 8th - 9th

April 12th - 13th

May 17th - 18th

Live Event

June 7th - 8th

July 5th - 6th

TBA September 2024

Live Event