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Re-connecting you with your Body and Life Force - the source of your greatest knowing.


Deep down, most of us know that there must be more to life.

Society has taught us to look outside for approval, instruction and reward, rather than daring to trust our own inner promptings - our own satellite navigation system .

This has led to a lack of confidence and self-esteem - feeling ‘less than’, loneliness, lack of worth and isolation, or toeing the line and not being intrinsically satisfied. When life events happen, leaving us feeling devastated, broken and in despair, we often  hide who we really are for fear of being judged. I know … because I’ve been there!

However, when we connect with our Life Force and our knowing, we find the key to our infinite potential - not by intellect as we have been taught, but by  getting out of our heads, awakening and tapping into the infinite pool of wisdom that is inside - and learning to trust that, so we can feel truly alive and more fully self-expressed.

Your life will change as a result. You become the co-creator of your own reality!

I invite you to join me on this transformational adventure.

Susie Heath






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Susie’s radiance, grace and feminine energy, have held the attention of audiences of 10s to 100s for over three decades. Creating a place of safety, Susie inspires listeners to explore the joy of self.

No power suits, no power points, no power poses (well, maybe just a couple!) Training with Susie is about learning to connect with your inner-self and tap in to the strength of your innate wisdom.

A coaching pioneer in embodiment and somatics, Susie was one of the first people to be accredited as a life coach in the UK.

Working 1:1, as a couple, or in a VIP group  with Susie is intimate and transformational.

“Susie is the wise and non-judgmental mother we all wished we had, the fairy godmother who sprinkles magic and love and takes you to places you never knew possible. She is the woman we all hope to be like, so full of life, grace, energy, inspiration and fun.”

— Harriet Waley-Cohen

Multi award-winning speaker,

leadership coach and mentor


“Suppose … the body is a God in its own right, a teacher, a mentor, a certified guide? Then what? Are we strong enough to refute the party line and listen deep, listen true to the body as a powerful and holy being?”

Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Susie Heath has spent almost three decades helping people to experience the profound power of the mind/body connection through coaching, energy work and movement. She is one of the UK’s leading embodiment facilitators working with men and women - helping them to cast aside shame, release pent-up worry and stress  and surrender to their own ‘inner knowing’.

This leads to a deeper sense of well-being, confidence, self-esteem, vitality, creativity, intimacy and spiritual connection. As a result, relationships in business and personal life dramatically improve, one develops a deeper sense of purpose, of wholeness and a potential to thrive in a world of uncertainty.

Susie Heath

“Personal growth, music, dance, being in nature, being with friends and family, travelling and exploring this wonderful planet on which we live. A passionate lover of life, I’m here to make a difference to peoples' lives and relationships in a deeper more connected way.”

Susie Heath

 … from growing plants to growing people …

Told she was too short ever to make a successful ballet dancer, at 9 Susie started her first business. Her parents were mortified by their entrepreneurial mulch-selling daughter. Susie revelled in connecting with the earth!

Discouraged by her Grammar School teachers, who told her she would never amount to much, Susie discovered a gift for language and began a career  as a teacher and quickly rose to become the deputy-head of a French department.

Photo Credit Kelly Sakkama

Small child gardening

Feeling constrained by teaching, Susie retrained as a retail selector in fashion, specialising in ladies underwear and shoes. After some time, world events caused her to reconsider her future in retail, and Susie was invited to enter the film industry as a production assistant.

Susie and two of her young children

After becoming a mother of three, considered by Susie her greatest blessing, she set up a hugely successful conservatory horticulture business.

Susie took the whirlwind of book deals, interviews in glossy magazines, TV, radio and lectures, and being lauded at the Chelsea Flower in her stride. Because that was what was expected of her  in business in those days.

Then she stopped. Overwhelmed by exhaustion, her immune system collapsed. The debilitating illness that followed left her almost unable to walk. Striving for success (after all this was the era of ‘Superwoman’) by being as good as, or even better than, a man, had made her really ill.

Trying to be the goddess in the bedroom, the best cook, homemaker, mother, business woman, gardener, decorator, writer, public speaker and everything else in between caused her to burn out.

Faced with giving in or making radical changes, Susie embarked on a spiritually healing quest, spent weeks in an allergy hospital, researched and trained in many complimentary therapies and slowly began to recover.

Susie Heath - Dancing

After rediscovering dance, she began developing her own embodiment programme for both men and women, not only in personal growth and intimate relationships, but in communication, business, teamwork and leadership.

Susie Heath's Embodiment Class

Her expertise and reputation growing,  Susie became a sought-after embodiment coach, working with senior executives, film and pop stars and even royalty on four continents, before co-creating and co-presenting the content of the hugely successful women’s global network One of many

Susie has lived through periods of great societal and personal change always led by a seeking spirit and a determination to find out about life and how it really works.

Her purpose now is to inspire people to discover and nurture their innermost dreams and desires and become the person they instinctively know they were meant to be, for themselves and the ever-changing world we live in.

Susie Heath reborn




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