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Susie Heath

Embodiment Trainer

I am in my element when I can inspire and empower others to transform their lives. Having been on the planet for a long time now, I have decades of life experience, from major illness which left me temporarily in a wheelchair, divorce, single-parenthood, working with the aftermath of 9/11, caring for my parents during their final weeks, running my own successful businesses for over 30 years and currently on stage at the One Woman Conference and co-facilitating retreats on Health and Vitality, Love and Relationships, Fulfilment at Work, Wealth and Prosperity as well as Leadership Days.

For me, mind, body and spirit are inseparable - to become a great leader, you need to learn to be a leader in your own life first.

All programmes are available as ‘in-person’ or ‘virtual’ through Zoom / or your preferred media.

Training and VIP Days

Workshops Include:

Dance Your Way to Success for Women

The Physiology of Success for Men

Diving into the Deep Feminine

Learning to Love Yourself, Truly, Madly, Deeply … Divinely!

Walking Your Talk - for Speakers, Coaches, Consultants and Trainers

Embodying the10 Archetypes

Behind Closed Doors – the Essence of Womanhood in the bedroom

Being Here - A Space to Breathe

Embodiment Class One Woman Conference

“It’s impossible to explain Susie’s work in words. It’s experiential, you have to be there and be willing to just let go and do it. It’s amazing how different I feel each time.”

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On-Line Embodiment Training

“Susie Heath is one of the best teachers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is extraordinarily wise, gentle and loving, with an ability to see into the heart of you. Even better than that; she enables you to fully see yourself. Before I started working with Susie I lived completely in my head. She has taught me how to get in touch with my emotions, in my body, rather than just to focus on what I think, and to work through these emotions with movement and dance. When I feel I can’t cope, Susie is one of the people I reach to….. she is truly amazing."

April Blanchard, Managing Director, Breathe

“So often we know things but fail to do them. We think things but fail to act on them. Spending time dancing with Susie had an enormous effect on me. I hate dancing and yet in the way we move there is no place to hide. And with Susie guiding and encouraging me, there was no need to hide. The movement she facilitated allowed a greater depth of expression which has stayed with me in the following days and months.”

Simon King (Australia)

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